SHINee 샤이니 'Don't Call Me' The Performance Stage

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  1. Emily Jane
    Emily Jane
    4 時間 前

    seriously KIBUM slaaaaaaying his moves! UGH he is such a powerhouse of a performer!!! He is the death of me

  2. catbus 17
    catbus 17
    13 時間 前

    이렇게 완벽한 무대 보여주려고 얼마나 노력했을지 박수

  3. able
    23 時間 前

    font 머선129

  4. SSforeign -
    SSforeign -
    日 前

    Y Emmy rvk

  5. 퍼즐
    日 前

    무대를 가지고 노네.

  6. 34 Ni Putu Nisabela Agustini
    34 Ni Putu Nisabela Agustini
    日 前

    Minho gantenggg

  7. 34 Ni Putu Nisabela Agustini
    34 Ni Putu Nisabela Agustini
    日 前


  8. Sura F. A.
    Sura F. A.
    2 日 前

    I think other groups must be afraid because they're baaaaaaackk !!!!!!!!

  9. Asawakositobio
    2 日 前

    That's my princes

  10. Mim Kpop
    Mim Kpop
    2 日 前

    Love this

  11. 2510최서현
    3 日 前

    가사를 샤이니들 보느라 못 보고 있었는데 뒤늦게 보니 많이 놀랍네요.. 글씨체 무슨일 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 태민이 피아노 미쳐....♥︎

  12. EsterBrigitte
    4 日 前


  13. Indika Priangani
    Indika Priangani
    4 日 前

    Shine you will always shine

  14. Sofia Darin N
    Sofia Darin N
    5 日 前

    taemin, sir-

  15. Sofia Darin N
    Sofia Darin N
    5 日 前


  16. Bbusyeo ONEUS
    Bbusyeo ONEUS
    5 日 前

    Vocals on point Choreography on point Stage presence on point Outfits on point Visuals on point Yes this is SHINee

  17. Mira
    5 日 前

    Stylist should have given Key & Onew different shirts. Not feeling those shirts.

  18. Ara Bautistav
    Ara Bautistav
    6 日 前

    내가 진짜 이런 말 해도 되는지 모르겠는데, 운동 하면서 내가 유산소 존나 싫어하는데 30분 띄는 동안 리발 이 곡만 들었다 .. 덕질 시작해 샤이니 때문에 ㅜㅠ 애 둘 엄마가 샤이니에게 미추ㅑ버뤼게쒀여

  19. Ara Bautistav
    Ara Bautistav
    6 日 前

    누나 마음 미추ㅕ버륀다 진짜

  20. Giulia Rezza
    Giulia Rezza
    6 日 前

    still icons, forever and ever

  21. jinki odorobol
    jinki odorobol
    6 日 前


  22. Posh Spice
    Posh Spice
    7 日 前

    I'm in love with Taemin. His voice and movements, are perfect!!! kisses from Uruguay!!!! 태민을 사랑 해요. 그의 목소리와 그의 움직임은 완벽합니다 !!! 우루과이에서 키스 !!!! (감사합니다 Google 번역기 ... 당신이 당신의 일을 잘하기를 바랍니다.)

  23. Stefanie C
    Stefanie C
    7 日 前

    I love this song so much,but....whoever decided to put in the “boop boop, boop boop”.....if your goal was to annoy the heck out of somebody, it worked....... 😩😅

  24. 야놀자자두
    8 日 前

    Shinee is regend

  25. Sam
    8 日 前


  26. Flor ByunV
    Flor ByunV
    9 日 前

    Qué buen Comeback de los SHINee, la coreografía, los vestuarios y los vocales, excelente trabajo! ❤✨

  27. lemonaide bey
    lemonaide bey
    10 日 前


  28. B
    12 日 前

    Yo what the hell of a performance was that...I've never seen something like that

    1. Fabian Rioseco
      Fabian Rioseco
      12 日 前

      they are amazing! pls check out other performances by them they are better live

  29. annisa pridynabilah
    annisa pridynabilah
    13 日 前

    energik nya gilaaaa!!!

  30. チャイ
    14 日 前


    1. チャイ
      11 日 前

      @빱뿌셔뿌셔 ありがとうございます。ダンス最高!!かっこ良すぎる

    2. 빱뿌셔뿌셔
      12 日 前

      He is Key

  31. renesmee j
    renesmee j
    14 日 前

    네 명으로 이정도 시너지 내는 그룹 흔치 않다...

  32. renesmee j
    renesmee j
    14 日 前

    나 전화한적도 없는데 갑자기 집착광공녀 된 기분 괜히 죄책감 느껴...

  33. evan peters
    evan peters
    14 日 前


  34. 우나
    14 日 前

    5월 25일 오후 8시 브앱에서 샤이니 13주년 팬파티 합니다. 놀러오세요

  35. serena choi
    serena choi
    16 日 前

    우리 샤이니.. 이거 라이브에요??

  36. Ana Carmel Pugoy
    Ana Carmel Pugoy
    16 日 前

    Shinee still the same, still slaying, still cool

    16 日 前

    1:03 damn voice

  38. Gargi Mazumder
    Gargi Mazumder
    16 日 前

    This song has unique combination love it💙💙

  39. Maria Yvette Nanadiego
    Maria Yvette Nanadiego
    17 日 前

    They're all legends

  40. Maria Yvette Nanadiego
    Maria Yvette Nanadiego
    17 日 前


  41. 문동식
    17 日 前

    키 넘 조아

  42. ᄋᄋ
    17 日 前

    아니 근데 왼쪽 글씨 폰트...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  43. lee연자매맘
    17 日 前

    키 넘 좋아ㅜㅜ

  44. Juliet's_cousin .bbi00
    Juliet's_cousin .bbi00
    18 日 前

    Okay, but the outfits are super nice 👌

  45. Brenda Azucena Gamiño García
    Brenda Azucena Gamiño García
    18 日 前

    HWARANG 👌👌💐💫✨😍

  46. F L
    F L
    18 日 前

    sorry the number you have called has been disconnected

  47. F L
    F L
    18 日 前


  48. 타루에얀데레
    18 日 前

    샤이니오빠들 여전히 멋지네 오랜만에보네 내가바빠서못봤어 미안해 다음부터 꼭 챙길게 사랑해♡♡♡♡

  49. ᄒᄋᄌ
    18 日 前

    매일 보러온다 진짜

  50. Ana R
    Ana R
    18 日 前

    This song is so addictive omg

  51. 우나
    19 日 前

    이번주 일요일 3시 태민이 솔로 온라인 콘서트 합니다

  52. Eugene Park
    Eugene Park
    19 日 前


  53. Nisha Heaven
    Nisha Heaven
    20 日 前

    That blank picture Jonghyun...they will never forget nor will we my dear Angel, you were my bias and forever will be!

  54. Dubuyni
    20 日 前


  55. Suzana Nanushi
    Suzana Nanushi
    20 日 前

    this is the first time i watch a live performance of theirs and bro WOW THEYRE SO GOOD

  56. EXO, BTS
    EXO, BTS
    20 日 前

    They are Amazing.

  57. Roberta Cristina
    Roberta Cristina
    21 日 前

    1:26 thats it, thats the comment, bye

  58. Amal's world
    Amal's world
    21 日 前

    💿 TRACKLIST 💿 01. Atlantis 02. CODE 03. Don’t Call Me 04. Area 05. Heart Attack 06. Marry You 07. Days and Years 08. I Really Want You 09. Kiss Kiss 10. Attention 11. Body Rhythm 12. Kind

  59. 프로댓글러
    21 日 前

    정점을 찍었다는 느낌,,

  60. 여부세여??
    21 日 前

    쟝이 좋아한다고 해서 한 번 보러 왔웁니다..........

  61. Monbebe with flowers in her hair
    Monbebe with flowers in her hair
    22 日 前

    A Monbebe who loves and has high respect for SHINee. I think every group has look up to them in some way or another.

  62. イチゴSPY
    22 日 前

    Forever Ot5

  63. Christina Guipo
    Christina Guipo
    22 日 前

    SHINee the one and only kpop boy group I stan since their debut

  64. luisa bresci
    luisa bresci
    22 日 前

    son unos reyes

  65. Eray Yüce
    Eray Yüce
    23 日 前

    💙💙💙💙😔jonghyun💙💎💎💎💎 we love you shinee.

  66. Neetha Neetha
    Neetha Neetha
    23 日 前

    Minho u r legend love you all.nice nice 👍

  67. Glory Avi
    Glory Avi
    24 日 前


  68. Babs Grayson
    Babs Grayson
    24 日 前

    Why does the ending pose look like an Asian mum about to discipline her kids??

  69. 수세미
    24 日 前


  70. Аня Савицкая
    Аня Савицкая
    25 日 前

    AAAAAAAAAAAA I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS!!! The same feeling i had about SHinee watching a Lucifer video for the first time about 10 years ago. Finally they're back so EPIC!! Legends of K - POP!!!=)

  71. Sigrid
    25 日 前

    Such icons. Incredible.

  72. 김대희
    25 日 前

    누너예 불규칙한 목탁소리에 이어서 여기는 불규칙적인 와이퍼소리...

  73. อารีรัตน์ นวลริรันดร์
    อารีรัตน์ นวลริรันดร์
    25 日 前

    SHINee eatten CD. โห้ สุดยอดดดด

  74. อารีรัตน์ นวลริรันดร์
    อารีรัตน์ นวลริรันดร์
    25 日 前

    SHINee the most handsome boys.

  75. karr ens
    karr ens
    25 日 前

    Oh no, always want to call u Shinee❣ Taemin Onew Key Minho Music and Dance perfect...🎵 LovethisSong #DontCallMe

  76. Babs Grayson
    Babs Grayson
    25 日 前

    Psycho by Red Velvet: toxic relationship Obession by Exo: ending the toxic relationships Don't Call Me by Shinee: moving on from the toxic relationships

  77. Alee
    26 日 前


  78. Aayesha Malik
    Aayesha Malik
    26 日 前

    Minho you're killing me dude💗

  79. Lee.m_ dc
    Lee.m_ dc
    27 日 前


  80. Nurul Hidayah
    Nurul Hidayah
    27 日 前

    How come they sing in perfect stability voice with this energic dance great song and dance shinee always young and never old

  81. 이지은
    27 日 前

    와..태민 미쳤다 ㅠㅠ내심장...♡

  82. Gabriella Zanathova Ganap
    Gabriella Zanathova Ganap
    27 日 前

    Woww this is sooo Bailey Sok's signature. Hats off to her.

  83. Clover Soapworks
    Clover Soapworks
    28 日 前

    Jeez I literally just dropped my shit to listen to this all! 😍😍😍

  84. prince jung
    prince jung
    28 日 前


  85. Edison Kelly
    Edison Kelly
    28 日 前

    I am a shawol finally

    1. Edison Kelly
      Edison Kelly
      27 日 前

      @Key SHINee thanks .. i checked it out .. it was super cool though

    2. Key SHINee
      Key SHINee
      27 日 前

      Welcome to the fandom!! Hope u check out Atlantis also.

  86. Preeti S
    Preeti S
    28 日 前

    Shinee didn’t got promoted (event management) well unlike BTS , otherwise no one could beat them in talent & popularity

  87. 온유면순한맛
    28 日 前

    다시 봐도 33세가 출 수 있는 춤은 아닌것 같은데 온유 넘 대단해! 진기야! 60세까지는 댄스 아이돌 해도 되겠당!

  88. Elza S
    Elza S
    28 日 前

    No question: Shinee is Back💖💎❣️

  89. Yes BB
    Yes BB
    28 日 前

    Love this performance

  90. Leslie
    28 日 前

    샤이니 팬이라 행복하다

  91. MiCHã Shiwols
    MiCHã Shiwols
    28 日 前

    They continued to continue you are wonderful I remember the dream of Jonghion Global to investigate Please enter his dream I support you and all the fans All of us

  92. 야
    28 日 前

    0:18 ???:하~~~~겐다즈

  93. Szymon 8750
    Szymon 8750
    28 日 前

  94. pinkywinky222
    29 日 前

    They are literally one of the best sounding groups in kpop. They don’t have to prove anything anymore but still they give it all in their performances 😍 As a long time fan I’m so proud of them 😃

  95. Subhajeet Chakraborty
    Subhajeet Chakraborty
    29 日 前

    0:38 I like this step

  96. Azuki Yatong
    Azuki Yatong
    29 日 前

    sound a bit better than studio ver lol gj

  97. aerəmœ
    ヶ月 前

    Lucen increíbles ^^

  98. Ayshe Djamilova
    Ayshe Djamilova
    ヶ月 前

    Ooooouuuh myyyy😻😻😻 Key so hot💜🔥

  99. 미나리
    ヶ月 前

    라이브 맞는데 라이브 아닌 거 같은 이 느킴.. 미쳤다 진짜

  100. Tania Sanjur
    Tania Sanjur
    ヶ月 前

    KPop royalty! Such a strong precense. Baby MinHo and Baby Taemin 😍 my papi Onew! And of course my fav divo Key