SHINee 샤이니 'Marry You' Live @The Ringtone: SHINee is Back

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SHINee's 7th album "Don't Call Me" will be released on February 22nd.
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  1. wayfaring moe'
    wayfaring moe'
    7 時間 前

    *I DO I DO I DO*

  2. Juliana
    8 時間 前

    If I don’t hear this in my wedding I don’t want it

  3. i i
    i i
    8 時間 前

    YASSS this is what a "SHINee song" sounds like!!! this should've been their title track imo :

  4. i i
    i i
    8 時間 前


  5. eaby esc
    eaby esc
    9 時間 前

    vamos por los 2M'!!! no se si es porque ya llevo tiempo escuchando esta preciosidad de canción o si es por que realmente me gusta... pero es que si esta en mi top fav de todo el album ^^' pero al parecer a la mayoria no le gusto tanto ya que escucharon las demas :S

  6. summer sylva
    summer sylva
    9 時間 前

    onew omg

  7. ltae woo
    ltae woo
    10 時間 前

    i wanna marry you shinee

  8. Rae Heathcote
    Rae Heathcote
    11 時間 前

    I am in love

  9. Алина Васильева
    Алина Васильева
    12 時間 前

    Шикарная песня шикарной группы 😍

  10. Vitoria Ribeiro
    Vitoria Ribeiro
    12 時間 前

  11. naymaria mari
    naymaria mari
    16 時間 前


  12. SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours
    SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours
    16 時間 前

    Keep strea ming keep voting please

  13. SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours
    SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours
    16 時間 前

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  14. 권아현
    18 時間 前


  15. alicia vanessa
    alicia vanessa
    18 時間 前

    Every time I hear a new Shinee song I wonder how Jonghyun would've killed it, yall know his vocals would've been ON especially with this song!

  16. Paola Chiappori
    Paola Chiappori
    18 時間 前

    Bravissimi interpreti

  17. H Wren
    H Wren
    19 時間 前

    Key looks like a porcelain doll here. So pretty.

  18. C UglyBoy
    C UglyBoy
    20 時間 前

    Omg I love this so so much!

  19. Miguel Comia
    Miguel Comia
    21 時間 前


  20. 도경수엄지발톱
    23 時間 前


  21. siraprapa sawasdee
    siraprapa sawasdee
    日 前

    So wonderful 😍😍😍

  22. Lirio Serapio
    Lirio Serapio
    日 前

    Ahora tengo una fantasía de poner esta canción cuando me case, me encantoooo

  23. stream SHINee's 7th album
    stream SHINee's 7th album
    日 前

    Neomu yeppo bogoshippo....

  24. Zhang Ray Designs
    Zhang Ray Designs
    日 前

    The Untouchables!!! Like come on did we just hear those vocals live like that. I am officially in love!! Truly amazing!!!!

  25. Amira Estrada
    Amira Estrada
    日 前

    I mean it. I regret not stanning them before! For the first time i thought of time traveling just to tell my 12 yrs old self to stan THESE GORGEOUS MANKIND.

  26. proudpotterfan
    日 前

    Shinee isn’t just the “I can belt out high note” sort of group. Their melodies and vocal runs are incredibly complex as well

  27. mygSammie
    日 前

    I swear if any of them don't get married within the next couple years after dropping this I'm going to cry.

  28. Gabrielle Rivera
    Gabrielle Rivera
    日 前

    The bass line and vocals on this song.... *chefs kiss*

  29. 張文馨
    日 前

    Yes, I do.

  30. MissHami Ser
    MissHami Ser
    日 前

    i kinda think this will come with a choreo

  31. Su-L
    日 前

    Guys! That's it! Our wedding song lol

  32. Su-L
    日 前

    I say yesssss babies

  33. Su-L
    日 前

    My loves...

  34. enirys 127
    enirys 127
    日 前

    so proud of my boyz, love them sm ;(

  35. HyaSmallz
    日 前

    It’s nice that I’ve watch this 1 million times😭 Thank you YT for keeping track for me❤️😭

  36. SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours
    SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours
    日 前

    Support SHINee Stream and vote

  37. Rinnadwie 02
    Rinnadwie 02
    日 前

    Its gonna be my wedding song ,in the future :v

    日 前

    SHINee могут быть такими разными , но больше всего я люблю именно этот их неповторимый стиль! Когда слышишь первые ноты и понимаешь : О это точно SHINee !

  39. Mayuri Thakur
    Mayuri Thakur
    日 前

    Im in feeling I really need to start learning Korean language so I understand it

  40. vantae
    日 前

    I will be playing this when I get married😂😭

  41. Brenda Gomez
    Brenda Gomez
    日 前

    Does anyone else hear a motown vibe in this song? I am loving this soulful song that is melting hearts. Shinee, no one can touch you. You are the kings of KPOP hands down!

  42. Sherlock’s Dream Girl
    Sherlock’s Dream Girl
    日 前

    Lemme arrange the wedding. You can relax...

  43. Lekana Lucky One
    Lekana Lucky One
    日 前

    Shawols Demand for MIllions of Love and Support on EVERY SHINee music. The Legends era has begun☺ They deserve everything to beyond. Accept this fact💎

  44. dini nurhayati
    dini nurhayati
    日 前

    my next favorite song

  45. 파랑빨강
    日 前

    진짜... 음원만 듣지 않고 무대영상 보길 잘했다.. 다들 빛이 나.. 이래서 샤이니... ㅠㅠ 다들 각자 다 잘생겼는데 노래는.. 음색은 스윗.... ㅠㅠ 여기에 몸져 눕습니다

  46. Khadija Abada
    Khadija Abada
    日 前

    if my husband doesn't play this song at our wedding then i dont want it

  47. DanceForever236
    日 前

    This is my first comeback as a Shawol as I started becoming a fan of theirs just last year and I'm so glad I did because their discography is SO GOOD!!!!!!! They are the standard! The Princes of Kpop!!!!!!

  48. Shawols, WayZenNi NCTzen
    Shawols, WayZenNi NCTzen
    日 前

    Untuk teman2 doakan semoga aku cepat punya pacar.. Yg baik, setia, tulus mencintaiku, mau menerimaku apa adanya dan terutama sayang dengan keluargaku..

  49. Widyong
    2 日 前

    Yasss I'm ready

  50. meggnoggs
    2 日 前

    Onew is literally. Trying to kill me, specifically, with this performance

  51. Youngmin Lim
    Youngmin Lim
    2 日 前

    The more I think about it I will never marry anyone if they never play this when they propose

  52. Pixel Sticks
    Pixel Sticks
    2 日 前

    I just love SHINee's voices together!

  53. SHINeecitos
    2 日 前

    Dios como me encanta esta canción(;_;♡

  54. Sherlock’s Dream Girl
    Sherlock’s Dream Girl
    2 日 前

    I DO I DO I DO I DO!!!

  55. 김아라
    2 日 前

    노래 대박이고요..멤버들 음색 비주얼 맛집이고요.. 기범오빠 베레모 착장 박제❤

  56. Isadora Fátima
    Isadora Fátima
    2 日 前


  57. Giovanna Styles
    Giovanna Styles
    2 日 前


  58. jaybird
    2 日 前

    onew i wiil marry you like tomorrow

  59. 148ESTHER
    2 日 前


  60. paola s
    paola s
    2 日 前

    OMG, I think that i just fall in love!

  61. Alena Gn
    Alena Gn
    2 日 前

    They are so hot! Awesome, guys!❤️We're so glag your back! So missed of yours voises

  62. All about the Kpop
    All about the Kpop
    2 日 前

    They went from singing that they want to marry you to DON'T CALL ME anymore. Versatile kings!

  63. Maxine Yang
    Maxine Yang
    2 日 前

    Their vocals and harmonisation are still on point as always 😭👌

  64. Bri Keaton
    Bri Keaton
    2 日 前


  65. SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours
    SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours
    2 日 前

    Come here daily please this song deserve more let's go for 2m... Stream after and in between don't call me... Keep stre@ming Shawols

  66. SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours
    SHINee And SHAWOLS Key's forever yours
    2 日 前


  67. Classic Blue
    Classic Blue
    2 日 前

    Legends are back.

  68. Elizabeth mi
    Elizabeth mi
    2 日 前


  69. Ninth Day
    Ninth Day
    2 日 前

    Too hooked on this song💚

  70. rex nicole
    rex nicole
    2 日 前

    Everyone playing “ All of me “ at there wedding Me: BLASTING MARRY YOU BY SHINEE AT MY WEDDING

  71. Lisa C.
    Lisa C.
    2 日 前

    Let me just casually send this my partner’s way...... a little hint, hint *cough cough* 😏 Seriously though, not enough words can describe how TRULY AMAZING SHINee has been and will continue to be! ❤️

  72. Mary Gilrose Delfin
    Mary Gilrose Delfin
    2 日 前

    Shinee straight serenading my ovaries with this song and these vocals!

  73. M
    2 日 前

    Wow. Just wow. Welcome back, SHINee!

  74. yessand Rouse
    yessand Rouse
    2 日 前

    si a los 4 solo digan en donde y cuando jajaja Love you Shineeee

  75. Sherlock’s Dream Girl
    Sherlock’s Dream Girl
    2 日 前

    I just love this song so much I keep coming back here..

  76. Sukma Wati
    Sukma Wati
    2 日 前

    SHINee's vocals never dissapoints

  77. Isabel Escalante
    Isabel Escalante
    2 日 前

    Vamos por los 2M!! Falta muy poquito!!!

  78. Randomsity
    2 日 前

    Okay! sure! Right here! Right now 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  79. Hana SJ
    Hana SJ
    2 日 前


  80. Hana SJ
    Hana SJ
    2 日 前

    I'm waiting for the day they get married aww I will be so happy for them

  81. Stephen John
    Stephen John
    2 日 前

    Powerful Kings 🙏🙏🙏🙏 #SHINee

  82. Stephen John
    Stephen John
    2 日 前

    Shinee 💚💚💚💚💚💚💎💎💎 #SHINee

  83. Sherlock’s Dream Girl
    Sherlock’s Dream Girl
    2 日 前

    Jeff Benjamin: I want to ask about some specific songs too. “Marry You” is a very mature moment as the final part of the ongoing story that began with “Replay” in 2008. Key: There’s a story of “Replay,” “Lovesick” and “Marry You,” and we thought about how this universe matters a lot to our fans-it’s an independent world from SHINee World. We’re going to keep trying to make those kinds of universes, fans really like that, but we want to say that we’re still keeping on with this story. We’re still the same SHINee as our story continues.

  84. Insha Syed
    Insha Syed
    2 日 前


  85. Sherlock’s Dream Girl
    Sherlock’s Dream Girl
    2 日 前

    [Verse 1] We need to go somewhere where nobody can see us You pretend you don't see those men, but all the attention's on you Your white smile must be blinding, you're always shining Even if I pretend I don't, I honestly get nervous sometimes [Pre-Chorus] I don't know if it sounds crazy I'll make sure you can't run away Give me your fourth finger [Chorus] Girl, I wanna marry you Right here, right now, yeah I wanna marry you Girl, I wanna marry you Right here, right now I wanna marry you [Verse 2] You're still very pretty Every time I see you, my breath stops, I need a doctor Like it's an incurable disease, I'm lovesick It gets more serious as time goes by, I want you Still my life is everything my love [Pre-Chorus] I really can't do it You can stay by my side so that it doesn't hurt (You can stay by my side) Give me your fourth finger, oh [Chorus] Girl, I wanna marry you Right here, right now, yeah I wanna marry you Girl, I wanna marry you Right here, right now, yeah I wanna marry you [Bridge] If I don't do it now, I think I'll regret it I think today's the day, baby On your fourth finger A diamond ring that resembles you I'll give it to you Will you promise me now tonight? [Chorus] Girl, I wanna marry you Right here, right now, yeah I wanna marry you (Ooh, I wanna marry you) Girl, I wanna marry you (Marry you right here, right now) Right here, right now, yeah I wanna marry you I wanna marry you, woah, woah, yeah I wanna marry you -

  86. شاوليه قبل الولاده
    شاوليه قبل الولاده
    2 日 前


  87. Fuyumi
    3 日 前


  88. Brooklyn Percival
    Brooklyn Percival
    3 日 前

    For the Shawols and all non-Shawols who are here...i loved the comments section... Thnx for this. I love it when i can scroll down the comments with a smile on my face ❤️🤗

  89. Sherlock’s Dream Girl
    Sherlock’s Dream Girl
    3 日 前

    Marry You’s highlight is its soulful chorus. I love the tug of the melody, as if SHINee’s voices are being pulled upward by some outside force. It’s incredibly smooth, but a sense of tension keeps it interesting. Unfortunately, I tend to find any song about marriage relentlessly sappy, which makes Marry You difficult to fully embrace. What can I say? I guess I’m not the sentimental type. Still, there’s no arguing with that knockout vocal blend. SHINee’s falsetto is layered for maximum effect, and the result will steal your breath. And even though there’s not much to the song beyond that (the verses are pretty forgettable), this irresistible glide makes for a thrilling centerpiece that brings Marry You‘s concept to life. -thebiaslist

  90. Nēx Nēx
    Nēx Nēx
    3 日 前

    I'm a new fan of shinee 💎💙 hello

    1. شاوليه قبل الولاده
      شاوليه قبل الولاده
      2 日 前


    2. Shawols, WayZenNi NCTzen
      Shawols, WayZenNi NCTzen
      3 日 前

      Hi.. new shawol

  91. 쟈니의소듕한머그쟌
    3 日 前

    최민호 손 보기시작하니까 이거밖에 안보이네 00:05 여기부터 최민호 주머니에 손 넣고 있는데 01:23 여기에서 잠깐 나왔다가 02:08 여기쯤에는 이제 두 손 다 넣고있음 이게 너무 웃김ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  92. lee rim
    lee rim
    3 日 前

    종현이도 함께 불렀으몃 너무 좋았겠다 목소리 분위기 다 찰떡인데..ㅠ

  93. Cellophane Flower
    Cellophane Flower
    3 日 前

    Onew’s deep honey-like voice at 2:49 is so beautifully contrasted with Kibum & Taemin’s high pitched runs a bit earlier. This song is so catchy, coherent and satisfying. And as always, all of SHINee’s talent consistently shines brightly through any song they perform. So happy for this comeback!

  94. Andreza Silva
    Andreza Silva
    3 日 前

    Shawol Forever

  95. h s
    h s
    3 日 前


  96. khalid haider
    khalid haider
    3 日 前

    I am gonna play this while proposing my Girl

  97. Shawols, WayZenNi NCTzen
    Shawols, WayZenNi NCTzen
    3 日 前

    I wanna to marry u.. Right here,... Right now.. I wanna marry youuuu... Ohhhh yeahhhh

  98. Shawols, WayZenNi NCTzen
    Shawols, WayZenNi NCTzen
    3 日 前

    I love them who can sing a song of SHINee song..

  99. PK
    3 日 前

    *Everything my love to our love is over*

  100. Leleth Costimiano
    Leleth Costimiano
    3 日 前